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Welcome Aboard!

Join us on a guided fishing tour around some of Norway's finest lakes and ocean in Kristiansand.

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Fisherman's Paradise

Just you and the wild waters below. Move silently between the unspoilt islands of Kristiansand in pursuit of a fishing experience of a lifetime. Hassle free with delivery and collection in Kristiansand area. Our modern pedal drive kayak's come fully equipped with fishing and safety equipment. The pedal drive kayak's are stable, fast and easy to use for most skill levels. The key to great fishing on a kayak, is being able to move hands free so you can fish as you move around, this is where pedal drive fishing kayak's have changed the game.  

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A Unique Adventure

The unspoilt nature of Norway and its beautiful waters are considered to be some of the best in the world. Feel free and alive while you explore the fresh water lakes or coastline of Southern Norway.


With a strong focus on sustainability, Norwegian waters are abundant with many fish and shellfish. In the ocean there is a variety of exciting fish to catch, including Cod, Pollock, Seatrout, Sea Bass, Haddock, Halibut, Mackerel and Coalfish. 

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Reel Fishing

Fishing in Norway is a real treat for me. I have fished for many species in different countries, and Norway's coastline is one of my favorites.

While kayaking around, you will notice incredible amount of fish on the fish finder, just about everywhere you go. Norway has definitely done a great job of preserving their natural habitat and fish populations.

Some of my favorite fish to catch in Norway are Sea Trout, large Pollock and Cod and fresh water Trout. Pollock have an majestic demeaner to them as they  have a ...

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