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Passion for fishing

Hi there,

My name is Jason, I was born and raised in South Africa and have been an avid outdoors man since I was very young. Growing up in South Africa, I have been lucky enough to experience some of the most amazing, wild, and remote wilderness there is.

I have been lucky enough to experience a variety of fishing types, ranging from Tiger Fish found in the Zambezi River in Africa, to the beautiful flats of the Florida Keys, and now find myself in the northern part of the world, Norway, fishing in what may be the most beautiful landscape I have seen.

I have fished several types of platforms, and kayak fishing is one my favorite ways to fish. You feel close to nature, and exposed to elements giving you a authentic experience.  In addition, the stealthy approach to skittish fish is unmatched. Join me for a guided tour in the lakes or ocean around in and around Kristiansand. Or simply hire them and go on your own exploration.

I am also a captain (D5L) and fishing guide for, where you can go on a guided fishing trip around Kristiansand by boat.  

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The Fleet

The best type of kayak for fishing is a pedal drive kayak. We offer Riot Mako 12 pedal drive, which offer hands free while moving through the water. This is extremely important as wind or current may constantly be taking you off course and you can use your legs to maintain position while you fish.

The kayaks are fully kitted for an amazing fishing adventure. Included on board are rods, reels, lures, nets, pliers. Safety is a very important factor, and you will be supplied with compulsory safety vests, radios, and first aid equipment. 

Kayaks are delivered and collected at your fishing destination for your convivence. 


The Mako 12 was made with adventure in mind. This pedal kayak was designed to perform well on flat water or large water for fishing, photography or exploration. With the Impulse Drive pedal unit, it is the simplest and lightest on the market, and requires no special maintenance. Riot's comfort seat, with adjustable leg length and high supportive back, is comfortable and dries quickly. The kayak can also be paddled with a paddle and drive can be removed.  

Aqua Marine Tomahawk

Fastest type of kayak in the inflatable category. Drop stich technology gives almost hard-shell characteristics. Light, easy to transport/store.  

Sevylor Ottawa 3 man inflatable 

Great for family trips. Stable and safe kayak that fits two adults and one child. 

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Our Fishing Destinations

Depending on the type of experience you are looking for, here are a few of our favorite destinations to choose from:  

Åros - Ocean  20 min from Kristiansand City Centre

Vallesverdfjorden - Ocean 15min from Kristiansand City Centre

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