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Vallesverdfjorden - Ocean  
15 min from Kristiansand City Centre

East of Kristiansand is a quiet and peaceful Fjord with good fishing and lovely scenery. Great fishing with an abundance of Pollock, Cod and Mackerel.  

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North of Kristiansand you will find a protected fjord that will make fishing possible if the weather is a little ruff in the open sea. 

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Åros pollock.jpeg

Åros - Ocean  
20 min from Kristiansand City Centre

West of Kristiansand is the beautiful beach of Åros. Slightly east of the beach, is a cluster small islands to explore and fish around, with beautiful scenery.  

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Ogge - Fresh water Lake 
37 min from Kristainsand City Centre

Situated approx 37mins north of Kristiansand, is a beautiful fresh water lake for those looking for a freshwater experience.   

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Ogge Summer

Odderøya - Ocean  
Kristiansand City Centre 

Situated in the heart of Kristiansand, its a few minutes walk from city centre.

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